I get asked a lot how we get through the day and what our daily routine is. Honestly people on the street ask me this question a lot! With three babies it does change a lot but we do now FINALLY have a basic day to day routine that somehow works and keeps me sain. We don’t go out much at the moment as I’m trying to get the babies in a good rountine with sleep and feeding which is what I used to do with Aria and is how I got her sleeping so well. So that’s my main goal with the twins at the moment. Once we have mastered sleep I think everything will be easier and I might be able to pee in peace again. – I can at least dream.


Day to day rountine basic:

6:00 – Twins wake up feed and have bums changed. We take there beds and them downstairs ready for when Aria wakes up.

6:30/7.00 – Aria wakes up has milk and has her bum changed. Then goes off to play. While she is having her milk the babies will be in there chair or back to sleep.

Aubrey is normally awake for an hour – hour and half. Ashton is awake normally an hour and half – two hours. – he’s a fighter.

7:30 – make sure babies are settled and I spend sometime playing with Aria before breakfast – if she’s happy playing alone I wash the bottles and prep for the day ahead.

8:00 – Aria has breakfast. I will now try and have a cup of tea if everyone is happy. – doesn’t always happen and I’ll put a load of washing on.

8:30 – twins are normally awake so they will go on there playmat/ do tummy time / or be in there bouncy chairs. I take this time to dress Aria she will then go off to play again.

9:00 – Twins time to get in to clean clothes before there next feed. This will take sometime as Aubrey will drift back to sleep around now. But Ashton will be changed and ready to go.

10:00 – Ashton will be fed first because he’s the most unsettled and doesn’t go longer than four hours between his feeds. I will check his bum then feed him. – if aria is happy playing I will watch her or if she’s being clingy she will have a snack and sit and chill.

10:30 – Aubrey’s time to feed, if she’s happy and hasn’t been changed I will put her in fresh clothes before her feed and check her bum! Aria will normally go and play or watch some tv now. ( I hate her watching tv but sometimes I have no choice!)

11:00 – I will settle both twins – Ashton will now nap and Aubrey may play for a little while. I will quickly make Aria lunch while she is playing or she will come help me in the kitchen. She will also clean her teeth around now ( she cleans them a lot she’s a bit obsessed and is a great way to keep her occupied when I’m busy)

11:30 – Aria will have her lunch about now because she will be flagging and tired. This seems to just work well instead of my forcing her to go until 12 – by then she will be so grumpy she won’t eat anything and then won’t nap for long enough.

12.00 – both twins will normally be awake and needing my attention and this is the part of the day where I try and get all of Aria’s last energy out before she goes for her nap. – this part is exhausting.

12:30 – finally Aria will go down for her nap! Sometimes it will take 10/15 minutes for her to fall asleep but she will by laying down the whole time just chatting to herself. Aubrey will now go back to sleep.

12:45 – I will take the load of washing out and hang up and put the second load in.

1:00 – clean and tidy everywhere I can possibley manage, I will try and get Ashton down for a nap so I can have some ME TIME which consists of cleaning, organising and making more bottles – in this time I will also make Arias dinner and prep my dinner too.

2:00 – Ashton’s feeding time. I will feed him change his bum and then he will do some tummy time or play on his mat.

2:30/3:00 – Aubrey will now feed.  This time can be tricky as Aria will start to stir so I will try to feed Aubrey before or I’ll get Aria up give her a snack and then feed Aubrey. Depends on how happy everyone is.

3:30 – I will settle both twins down to play make sure there happy and then get Aria playing with something. I will take the next load of washing out and put another load on.

4:00 – the twins will both settle down for a nap if they haven’t already and I will have some good one on one time with Aria.

5:00 – twins will be awake and Aria will have dinner – this time of day is stressful normally both twins will scream so Its lucky Aria is strapped in her high chair so I can deal with them.

5:30/6:00 – I will feed Ashton to settle him then straight after I will feed Aubrey – sometimes they will feed at the same time if I can’t calm them down.

6:00 – DADDY GETS HOME 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 – he will take aria off to play and give her lots of one on one time he will do play bath bed with her while I deal with the twins, tidy up and make dinner.

7:30/8:00 – we will both finish of cleaning up organising and prepping bottles – if it’s calm I have the quickest shower.

8:15/8:30 – we finally eat, normally holding a twin each – there is no time to talk to each other 😂.

8:45 – I take the twins to bed, feed them and settle them down for the night – my partner will be working still – so will come to bed about 10:30/11:00 once he’s finished.

1:00 – Ashton will feed and go straight back down.

5:30/6:00 – both twins will feed and the day starts again ..


That was exhausting, I don’t ever stop and sitting down only happens when I throw myself in bed at the end of the day!

It may look a lot written down but it runs quite smoothly now, we do have moments where someone will have a melt down or will need more attention but with a basic routine I know what’s coming next which definitely helps me get through the day!

** I haven’t pencilled in where I get dressed and do my make up as this can happen at any free moment I can find **

How do you all get through the day? Do you have any good tips? Let me know as well as any questions you have for me 🖤


‘Word of the day – exhaustipated (adj) too tired to give a shit’ 

Claire 💋

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