As everyone that reads my blog or even looks at my Instagram knows, I’m obssessed with cooking, specially for Aria. I create new meals and recipes weekly and it’s my favourite thing to do and is my ‘me time’. So I want to share my review on our favourite plate that we use daily.


Straight away the Easy Tots easy mat  appeals to me because it’s made by a mum, not a massive company but a mum that’s been there and tried it all! This always feels me with confidence when trying something new for my daughter.


The easy tots easy mat is PERFECT for Baby lead weaning and also for toddlers. It’s a sticky back plate that suctions on to all surfaces. Even though it doesn’t fit on every high chair perfectly it still fits as it’s flexibal you can bend it then suction it on to any part of the high chair tray. (This is what I do) and is a factor I love which other brands of suction plates don’t do. It also comes in 6 beautiful colours, Green, Blue, Buttercup, Pink, Grey and Olive

All babies love to throw any kind of plate and the suction pads stops that from happening. Aria is so strong she has broke child locks on cupboard but she hasn’t managed to get this plate off once!! MUM WIN 💪🏻💪🏻


It has three little sections that make it look like a face which I think is perfect for toddlers. It has two smaller parts- the eyes – and a big section – the mouth. This is great If like me you you have a few components to a meal like Thai green curry with rice and some pitta bread, each different food gets a place to go on the plate. This is great if you are weaning and giving a baby lots of different foods to try at once!


The easy tots easy mat also washes up really well too which was my biggest concern. I can find some plastics don’t always last being washed a lot and can lose colour or go a bit smell and stained. We have had the plate for a few months and it’s as good as knew and I wash it three times a day.

You can also buy smaller easy tots easy mats, the  which are perfect for taking with you on days out. This plate comes in a bag and with a lid so you can easily prep food and keep it covered or take it with you to a restaurant and transfer the food on to it, stopping them smashing or throwing a restaurant plate or bowl.


So if your just about to start baby led weaning this a must have product to get you started which will last you all the way up until your little ones are toddlers. Use Code ‘BUBBLES’ on there site and get 10% discount and free shipping.


All opinions are my own. 

Claire 💋

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