I don’t very often get my OWN bag as I’m normally carrying the changing bag with all the babies bits inside. BUT as I have recently been out I thought I would give you a glimpse inside what’s in my bag when I’m out and riding solo.


This really cute shoulder bag is from river island I got it very recently and it’s perfect for nights out as even tho it’s not a huge handbag you can fit so much in it! It also has three compartments and one zip section. Link below:-


1. I can’t go out with out having some perfume on me and on my mums night out I took Chanel mademoiselle – which is my favourite perfume ever!

2. I always try to take some make up with my for top ups so I took a lip liner by Rimmel and a gloss by urban decay. I can’t not line my lips I love the way it makes your lips really pop.

3. With long extensions I can’t not take a brush with me! My tangle teaser is my favourite type of brush and doesnt pull my hair out just brushes it softly! (Definitely a must have for extensions or really curly hair)

4. Even tho my make up is set and done I do like to reapply my blush and bronzer when I’m out so I popped in my urban decay NAKED bronzer, highlighter and blush set with my no7 blusher brush  ! Its a great all in one set for nights out and stops you adding everything individually to your bag.

5. When I’m going out for dinner and then planning to head out I always think it’s a great idea to add some chewing gum. It just makes me feel better specially if I’ve had something very garlicky.

6. Lastly I added my hand cream just to keep my hands fresh for the whole night.


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