I have been thinking lately about how long it has been since me and my partner have gone out alone just the two of us, and I can’t remember exactly but it must have been in November 2016, just before Aria was born. 🙈

It’s crazy to me to think we haven’t spent any alone time since then, not one night not even a few hours! We used to have date night weekly where we would go for dinner and catch up. Yes we would see each other everyday but once a week we would have a proper conversation and reconnect which I think is so important to keep a relationship going strong.

Well .. a year and three months without a date night or even a date hour is just shocking but with three kids in two years, plus me getting sick it’s just not happened. We are both now at a place where I want us to go but he doesn’t want to leave the babies which funny enough was me a year ago and roles have just reversed.


How is it that I see soooo many people my age with kids constantly going out on club nights, date nights, friends nights, or even a coffee on there own 😩. Yet we haven’t managed to even do it once? Maybe people are more comfortable leaving there babies or maybe they are doing what’s best for them and there relationship I’m not sure, but at least there managing it.

The funniest thing is, we still really like each other and fancy each other probably more than ever 😂 we honestly can’t keep our hands of one another so why is this so hard!!

My relationship is at the top of my priorities (just below the kids) and we some how need to get back to having at least one date night this year!!!!!!!


But how???

How do other people manage it? With three children having a date evening when there all asleep just isn’t possible because by then, we both can’t keep our eyes open or my partner is working or sorting out clients for the next day.

Let me know your tips and tricks and we will start trying out a few and see how we get on!

‘Don’t ever stop dating your wife, and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband!’

Claire 💋

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