So during my twin birth and NICU journey my other baby, Aria, has been going through her own little battle.

On the 14 of November, the day the twins where born, Aria got sick with norovirus which started our long journey of her being very very sick and poorly on and off.

So norovirus struck her down, then her dad and then me! – That first week of having the twins was nightmare and we all had to stay away for 72 hours which was heartbreaking. Also being so sick when you have just had a c section is more painful then you can imagine!! – Aria started to get a bit better after a week but never fully got back to herself, also the diahrear stuck around for nearly 4 weeks. After a few weeks she got another sickness bug that wiped her out for just 24 hours but again she never fully got back to her normal happy self. Then her temperature started to get a bit high and she started to sleep a lot more. Her two naps in the day where lasting 3 hours which even tho she likes her sleep she never sleeps that much!!

By this point I had, had enough so took her to my doctors to see what they could do. Well after a very quick appointment I was told to just give her calpol and the doctor wasn’t bothered by the diarrhoea. Unimpressed I went home but I watched Aria like a hawk just in case. By the end of that week her temperature started to reach 40 so I took her to A&E, they gave her neurofen and said it was probably a viral infection and was sent home! Again I kept a close eye on her and decided If she didn’t get better I would get her checked again. Well her temperature was still hitting 40 so back to the doctors I went, this time the uninterested doctor told me just to keep on top of the calpol and neurofen ( which I was already doing 😡) and sent me on my way. Well nothing was touching it and I was done going to that rubbish doctor at my surgery so back to A&E we went.

For 16 days her temperature kept being high and for me that is not ok specially when over the counter drugs weren’t touching it. This time we where admitted and put on a 5 day course of antibiotics. We luckily got out of hospital 2 days before Christmas but had to keep coming back in for Arias drugs. The problem now was her blood results where not right and showing very strange things. So to be on the safe side we had to keep coming back to the children’s ward for more bloods to make sure all her markers where coming down.


They didn’t come down, and they now showed her liver wasn’t functioning – could anything else be thrown at me? – I was confused, what does this now mean? They started to call Great Ormond Street and kings college hospital in London to ask for there help but no one knew what was wrong with my poorly girl.
Her white blood cell count was also low and I was told if she gets even a slight temperature I had to bring her straight in! Which a day later happened 🙈😔

We where admitted again with everyone taking things a little more seriously now, they scanned her liver re did blood tests and we where isolated to a room with strict instructions that Aria couldn’t leave as she was now like a Sponge she would pick up any bug she came in contact with. – neutropenic 😩


Meeting a princess to make her feel better 👑 

The scan showed her liver was enlarged and her kidneys where working properly. They now where determined to Cannulate her just in case she needed fluids … 12 failed attempts each time three people holding her down, one set of sedation drugs and aria and me crying they accepted defeat and left my baby alone.

We are now waiting for our appointment with kings college hospital to see if they can work out what is wrong with her. It’s horrible seeing your baby go through so much and not even be able to tell you how she feels she just looks at me as if I’m torturing her which hurts the most 😔

I’m hoping the next few weeks will give some answers and not more questions ..

There comes a point where you don’t care if there is light at the end of the tunnel or not.       Your just sick of the tunnel’

Claire 💋

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