So here is my first recipe to share with you its my little take on baby risotto. It’s more like a baby rice mix but its very yummy and something i would eat myself!

Quick things to remember
– Aria is 8 months
– eats everything
– chews well
– this food works for her! Not for everyone
– feel free to change it to suit you!

BABY RISOTTO – ingredients

– 1 cup of  pilau rice
– 1 can of tuna in spring water
– quarter red pepper
– 1 small carrot
– 3 tea spoons of sweet corn
– quarter of an onion
– 1 garlic clove
– 4 cherry tomatoes
– half a tin of tinned tomatoes


Oven turned on to 180 degrees to pre heat!

start by cooking the rice in a pan, I follow the instructions on the back of the pack and cook it a little longer so it’s supper soft for Aria. Once rice is cooked pop under some cold water and leave to one side until later.

baby led weaning - baby recipes - baby food - blw

While the rice is cooking you can start cutting up all the fresh ingredients. I chop everything pretty fine but still leaving it with a bit of bite so the food isn’t just mush and Aria can pick it up when it’s cooled. I also peel the carrots in to thins instead of chopping them up it just adds another texture to this dish.


baby led weaning - baby recipes - baby food - blw

Now i add the onions, garlic and peppers to the wok, I add a tiny amount of olive oil just enough for it not to stick, but you can use butter or something else instead it’s up to you! I have this on a low heat just so they soften up a little before going in the oven. Once this has been on for 5-10 minutes and I’m happy with the softness I add all the other fresh veg and cook for a further 5 minutes.

baby led weaning - baby recipes - baby food - blw

Once they are all combined I add the rice slowly and stir it through my fresh veg, once cobined I add the tinned tomatoes and tuna and still on a low heat I keep stiring for 5 minutes. Once I’m satisfied with how it’s looking I will add some cold water to it so that once it’s in the oven it won’t dry out! I had half a cup to start and then add a little more until I’m happy that it’s more of a wet based food and not dry.

I now transfer the mixture to a glass baking dish ready to pop in to the oven. Cooking time takes between 20 – 30 minutes but this again is personal choice and down to how wet or dry you would like it to be! I normally wait until it’s a little bit crispy on top!

baby led weaning - baby recipes - baby food - blw

Once cooked remove from oven, leave to cool before transferring to containers for freezing or for the fridge. This served us 7 portions which apart from one all went straight in to the freezer for another time.

baby led weaning - baby recipes - baby food - blwAgain please remember I am no expert this is a yummy dish that my daughter loved and worked for us! Feel free to try it, change it and make it your own! If you do send me your snaps as I would LOVE to see 🙌🏻

Claire 💋

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