So this is something I have been BEYOND excited about! I’m a very foody person and a massive lover of food and eating at nice restaurants plus cooking from scratch! The minute Aria hit 5 months I was wanting the month to go quicker just so I could start her weaning!

I had done my research had looked at lots of techniques like spoon feeding, baby led weaning, purees and lots of other crazy feeding methods!

The one thing that seemed to work for us both was soft solids! She didn’t like purée and was more interested in noring on something whole!

So our journey started. I have the Ella’s Kitchen purple book which I do love! But for me I have skipped steps as Aria is such a good eater! It is an amazing guide for first time mums feeding there babies and has lots of yummy Healthy recipes to try out – so if you are a bit scared and dunno where to start have a look at this book!

After finding my feet I’m now loving making my own recipes for Aria and I thought that I would share them all on my blog. So if people want to try them they can or just enjoy reading our weaning foodie journey!

Aria really is an amazing eating! At 7 months we where on our three meals a day and down to three bottles. We don’t have snacks yet because of her naps and bedtime routine but this is something when she naps less will be added in! She eats all foods and meals and loves getting very messy! I cant recommend letting them feed themselves more it’s so exciting and so much more enjoyable to watch when they pick up lots of new foods and discover new flavours!

Baby led weaning - baby food - weaning - blw

I was never interested in doing any jar or pouched food! As a mum that is at home and has time I always wanted to makes all Aria’s food from scratch. I do lots of bulk cooking so I have a freezer packed full of yummy things to eat for the month and if I have a few bits in the fridge I will cook her a meal while she is napping. I like her to have lots of veggies and different meats and fish. She loves everything, but I know this isn’t the case for all babies and I’m very very lucky! The reason I  like to always makes sure I have a freezer full of her food is because I have a bowel disease – Ulcerative Colitis – when  I’m having bad days I can just get one out and let it defrost and that’s it her food is sorted. It’s also good when I end up in hospital with the disease her dad doesn’t have to think too hard about what to make her!

A little note before you do copy my recipes! I am no way trained to give food advice and my meals and recipes suit MY BABY and every baby is completely different and go at there own pace. Please feel free to try them but if I’ve added a whole onion and your baby hasn’t had that or you don’t want to give it then don’t! If I’ve added peppers but you have carrots add them instead! For me I’ve learnt since starting this journey is to do what’s best for you snd YOUR BABY what your most comfortable with will make it easier and will make for happy meal times! Set your own rules as I’ve noticed too many books give advice for babies and there age but all these books contradict each other and no one seems to know what’s best. I think I know my baby best and so far I have a very happy eating baby who hasn’t so far, fingers crossed and touching wood, turned down anything I have given her!

Enjoy feeding your baby and enjoy reading my recipes and my small tips that are based all on my mummy no expert point of view! 🍽

You Gotta Nourish To Flourish 🍉🍎’

Claire 💋

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