I have been mentioning this here and there in a few posts and now it’s time to explain it all and give you a little in site in to the disease and my new life since being diagnosed.

ULCERATIVE COLITIS – a long term life condition where the colon and rectum become inflamed, ulcers form causing pain, bleeding and exhaustion. 

Thats a quick explanation that doesn’t tell you how bad it is at all really but it lets you know what it is and where. If I was going to explain it I would say ..

ULCERATIVE COLITIS – you shit 22 times a day maybe more, each time losing blood some times a cup sometimes a bowl, you feel exhausted and don’t keep food in longer then an hour meaning your body has no energy EVER, it can ruin your whole day because you can’t leave the house or even the toilet seat!  It hurts a lot and causes constant stomach pain. 

To me that explains exactly what I have a lot better 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

For me this all started two year ago when I suddenly started to bleed from my bum every time I went to the toilet, even when I DIDNT have a bowel movement! I was convinced it was cancer so went straight to my doctor! Well .. She told me it was all in my head and put it down to my anxiety and panic attacks – the problem was they only started because I was seeing blood, cups and cups full of blood!! Who wouldn’t have a panic attack?

She sent me for a throat camera, looking back I don’t know why I agreed to do it, the problem was my bowel not my stomach! And surprise surprise there was no problem and she signed it off as again being in my head!

Fast forward to this year, after giving birth to Aria the bleeding, the pain and the constant bowel movements became too much! I knew it wasn’t right and my mum agreed and we both went back to the doctors but to see a different dr this time. He sent me straight for bloods and to have a sample checked.

The sample came back bad! My inflammation  was too high and obviously something wasn’t right, I was then sent for a camera to see what was going on up there ( the right end this time) this showed ulcers and inflammation! I finally was getting somewhere and it wasn’t cancer 🙌🏻 It hasn’t been an easy diagnoses because I’m pregnant but to finally have a name for what was wrong was a relief even if it meant that this was now my life.

Yes ulcerative colitis isn’t something I would wish on anyone but I can live with it. It’s not easy, I’m on a lot of drugs daily and I also have to visit the hospital every couple of weeks to have a 2 hour IV drug put in to my veins. Looking at me you wouldn’t know anything was wrong, it’s one of those diseases that is silent to the outside world but for someone living with it, it is a daily struggle. I won’t let it stop me doing anything, I won’t let it effect my children or activities we want to do. I will do everything in my power to make people understand it tho and raise awareness!



If someone says they have Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease try and realise that getting out of bed that day was probably a struggle and be understanding! We never know the silent battles that people are dealing with day in day out!

Hopefully this gave you a little in site in to this disease with out boring you with too much gory details 🙈 Any questions please let me know i will be happy to answer them all ..

‘Pain is real but so is hope’

Claire 💋

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