sorry  there was no post yesterday! Very manic day with baby, work and puppy! 👎

We  still however did sensory play!

Sensory play Day 3 – Discovery Box

So today we did a discovery box! I have seen lots of these done before with lots of themes and I can’t wait to expand on what we have started. As Aria is only 5 months her first box is very basic!

Equipment – this is what I used but you can use anything similar that you have around your home!

– box or container

– 2 whisks

– aloofa

– duck

– light up ball

– paintbrush

– Muslin

– teething chew

– ribbon

– 2 wooden spoons

– a small book ( incy wincy spider)

– a shaker – water bottle with rice and glitter



So I started this one just after Aria woke up from her nap so she was ready to explore her box! I put the box next to her and let her dive in!

She started of with the spoons and loved them she bashed herself in the head enough times 🙈 But she liked it! She then moved on to the whisks and spent time eating them. She then had fun watching the light up ball!


After a while she got a bit bored so we left it and came back to it again later. She again loved pulling bits out and exploring with her hands and mouth! I loved how excited she got with each new thing that she discovered!


This was definitely a hit and I’ve got great ideas for some colour themed boxes for when she’s older and also book themed boxes!

If you get a chance to do this activity send them in or hashtag with #bubblesandbabies

See you tomorrow for more sensory fun!

Claire 💋

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