Day 2:

So today we tried something completely different to yesterday’s sensory play fun and we made a googley eyed zip lock bag👀


– zip lock bag 

– googled eyes 

– shower gel, bubble bath or hair gel 

– tape 



This little activity is again really easy to make and can be done with bits you have around your house!

So first you get your zip lock bag and poor in the gel, we used bubble bath as I had a big tub of red bubble bath and I thought the colour would be more interesting to Aria then clear. I used about half the pot but you don’t need that much if you don’t have it. You then add your googley eyes 👀 and that is it your ready to go!

At first I put the bag on the floor and put Aria on her tummy, so it’s great for a tummy time activity if your struggling with ideas to keep them occupied. I realised pretty quick that she just wanted to eat it 🙈


So I grabbed some clear tape and stuck it to my floor! Luckily I have wood so this worked really well! She then got stuck in with squishing it with her fingers and moving the eyes around, it also had a lovely smell thanks to the bubble bath and I think she enjoyed that too!


if you have a baby that can sit really well you could also tape the bag to a window or door so they can sit while playing with this sensory bag!

It was a big hit with Aria and I’ve already come up with a couple more ideas to do with zip lock bags!

Come back tomorrow to see what else we get up to on our sensory play week of fun and if you haven’t already check out yesterday post!

Claire 💋

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