Swimming swimming swimming πŸ’¦

I literally can’t get enough of going swimming with Aria! When I was pregnant I signed up straight away to Water Babies as I had read such amazing things about there classes and I really wanted to learn techniques that I could use when we go swimming alone!

I also think it’s really important for children to learn how to swim from a young age!

First class was coming up and Aria was 2 months old so very young still but they take babies from birth in there classes so I knew she wouldn’t be the youngest! Aria is a very strong baby she held her head from day one and isn’t a floppy sleepy baby she’s very alert and awake so I knew she would be fine going from a very young age.

Well i was very organised and excited when our first class came round, apart from having to wear swimwear again πŸ™ˆ I was a bit scared to be that exposed in public again!

We turned up to Lonsdale school, which is where our class was being held and got changed and ready to go!

You have to wear a happy nappy that you can buy from there website, it’s not very flattering on a little girl but it keeps all the poop in if she decides to explode while swimming!



We got in the water (as quickly as I could to hide my gross post pregnancy body) and we started our first class! Β – looking around I was very surprised to see that apart from me and 1 other women my class was full of dads! I was very impressed πŸ’ͺ🏻

Well what can I say? I was hooked straight away! I learnt how to correctly hold her while in the water, best ways to get in and out of different swimming pools, sung songs, swam with her, learnt about getting her use to get splashed and lots more!

That first class made me realise how much there is to learn about swimming with a baby and all the safety techniques that you just couldn’t possible know if you have never been swimming with a baby before πŸ’¦

since that first class we have:

*learnt how to swim under water

*holding on to the side techniques

*on your back swimming

*moving underwater swim

*ive been under to see aria in the water

*lots of safety techniques

*on top of the water swimming

*songs and lots of fun bits

Each class also builds from the last so each week your doing something new but adding to what you did the week before – so you start with swimming on the water then slowly going under, then under water moving swim and so on ..

Aria is only 4 months old and is only half way through her first term! Well all I can say is water babies is amazing! I’ve learnt so much and think it’s more than worth doing! I never knew that if a baby/child starts hiccuping then don’t let them go underwater anymore!! This is something I have past on to my sister who has a 2 year old and she didn’t know this fact! – safety first!!

We always said we would only do one term, but after loving it so much we have signed up to do next term too!

Yes water babies is a bit pricey but for me the skills and techniques I’ve learnt about safety are worth that money!

Also Aria loves water babies, she loves swimming full stop! She doesn’t cry not even when we swim underwater and it’s all down to our amazing water babies teacher!

If you considering doing water babies I promise you, you won’t regret it, fun and swimming lessons with safety all thrown in what’s not to love?πŸ’œ

I can’t wait till Sunday when we get to go again it’s the highlight of my week!

Just keep swimming’ – Dori πŸ’¦

Claire πŸ’‹


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