When I was pregnant I was obsessed with researching! Just like many first time mums I would hear something or be told something and then I would set about looking it up and doing my own research! Like car seats what’s the best one for there body and safety and prams are they rated well are they safe are they good for posture! I feel like I knew a lot about everything baby and I made so many choices based on my research.

But for some strange reason I never looked up baby products! Looking back I’m not sure why 🙈 I looked at everything else but this!!

It was only recently when I just started to get in a bathing routine with Aria that I started to notice her skin coming up in red rashes! It wasn’t sore and she didn’t mind me touching it but as a first time mum everything is a worry!

I have very sentative skin so wasn’t surprised by her having it too but it was strange because it only came up after she started having regular baths!

So I went researching and I came across a lot of BAD reviews and scientific research on Johnson and johnsons baby products and this is what I had stupidly been using!

Why I ask my self now?!

From my research I discovered that actually they are really bad for babies skin and when I looked at the chemicals in them and the chemical reactions that happen in the bottle once it’s made I knew exactly why Aria had bad skin! I even came across a statement from j&j that said what happens in there products once they are made cant be helped – so basically not there fault – I also came across an article which explained how last year Johnsons had to pay £72 million to a family after a women got ovarian cancer from there products!!!

I was so angry with myself for not doing my research in the beginning I was gutted I had done this to my own baby!

The next few baths she had I used no baby products until I could find a really good suitable product to use in her bath and to also help with her now red skin!

I then came across  CHILDS FARM! I did lots of research on them and discovered how amazing there products are! They do trials on there baby products that cost a lot of money that will basically tell you if there suitable for baby’s skin and I also learnt that not many companies pay for these trials as they know what the outcome will be and they then won’t be able to say they are suitable for babies and children! – wrong I know!

‘A clinical trial is a managed and controlled test procedure carried out by an international medical research company, so that all results are universally recognised.

It is not a mandatory process for products marketed to babies and children. It’s something that we at Childs Farm choose to do, to make sure that all our toiletries are not just fit for purpose, but safe as well.’

This statement right here is amazing for this company but actually really quite scary as it tells us that not everything we see down the baby isle can be trusted and might not be suitable for a baby!

So my experience using there products so far ..

well after the first use in arias bath her skin started to clear up! I was shocked and amazed! It just shows that what we put on our babies is so important.

I’ve been using there products specially for babies. This includes there bubble bath, bath wash and body oil for massaging.

The oil is my favourite so far! It smells like summer in a bottle and I literally can’t stop sniffing Aria afterwards (I even get other people to sniff too and they think I’m weird until they smell it 😉)




There products are also 96% organic which to me since becoming a mum I’m obsessed with I’ve definitely started looking at the world differently since having a bubba and being organic and being more green is now right up on my list of priorities I’ve even started using chemical free products on myself!

Whatever products you decide to use for your baby make sure your doing your reasearch just because you get loads from your baby shower as gifts doesn’t mean you need to use them! Make the right desicion for you and you little one!

Use good baby products! 💦🛁

‘There is no angry way to say bubbles’

Claire 💋


( I have no been asked to advertise any products and all opinions are my own!)

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