So this is a post I’ve thought about a lot lately! I always like to write about things that happen in my life and that I have experience with and unfortunately this is one of the things I know too well.

The mean mummy’s!

The women who for some reason like to put others down and make sly horrible comments!

As a new mum there is nothing worse 🙈Your trying your best and doing what you think is right for your new baby and then someone comes along to make you feel as small as an ant 🐜 the last thing you need after no sleep or peace for however long.

But why do other mums do this? Surely they have been in the same situation at some point and felt like they need support and someone to just say your doing amazing just for getting through the day! But no this doesn’t happen very often!

To be fair I have a lovely support of people around me who make me feel like I’m doing amazing and I’m quite confident in my abilities but some mums really aren’t and dont need to hear ‘0h I didn’t do it like that’ or ‘when my baby was younger i did this instead’

GGGRR SO FRUSTRATING 😡 – I’m doing my best!

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before but as women we should build each other up and be beyond supportive and as mums should understand better then anyone else!

I have this all the time from my sister in law, she ALWAYS knows best and has done everything and 10 times better. A few comments she has made lately:

‘We would never let James watch tv we never wanted to be one of them lazy parents’ – aimed at my sister after I told her my niece loves watching in the night garden

‘your arms look BIG, have you been doing weights or something’ – no I never get time to work out I’ve just had a baby and your hinting I look fat

‘I would never exploit my kid to modelling,     Peedafiles will look at them pictures’ – digging about Aria doing modelling wouldn’t mind but she’s shot for Next so anyone can see the pictures as there on the website!

‘No wonder that child’s big they started feeding him at 4 months and that’s not right’ – about my friend who’s baby had such bad reflux doctors TOLD her to feed him at 4 months and he’s tall not fat (and so adorable)

‘We stopped sterilising James’s bottles after a couple of months why would you bother he’s fine’ – when I was first saying about sterilising and how I like and enjoy it – any reason to put me down

‘How’s your LITTLE business going are you going to go back to work’ – about my own business I run that’s doing amazing and no I’m not going back to work!!!

‘We aren’t potty training James he will go straight on the toilet’ – when I’m explaining about my sister starting to potty train.

‘We are looking at houses now too but we want a 4 bedroom and not where you live we want are kids to grow up in a nice area’ – GRR 😡 I wouldn’t mind but you can’t afford a house 🙈🙈

These are just the recent comments she’s made and I could write a whole post of all the ones she’s said to me over the years – the amount of times shes made me cry annoys me more then anything I seem to lose my voice around her and don’t stick up for myself.

She is also just one example of these mean mummy’s that I don’t like! Yes we all have an opinion and there is loads of things I do differently from her and there are hundreds of things she does that I really don’t agree with, like letting her son pee in the garden and finding it funny, and hitting and biting kids at school which again she finds funny, the fact it took her till he was nearly 3 to start getting him out of nappies I thinks a bit late! But I don’t judge her I keep everything inside and always say she’s doing her best because she is for her and doesn’t need me or anyone telling her differently. If she asked for my advice I would give it but only then and I would say it in a non judgmental way because I know how it feels to be made to feel little and rubbish.

Lately I’ve helped out lots of other mums that have messaged me about how to get there babies in a good sleep routine and answered all there questions I’ve also helped lots of new mummy’s get there children in to modelling. I’ve loved doing it I love helping out other mums I love being able to give some wisdom – not that I’m probably the right person to ask but still. I will bring my daughter up the same way be kind and helpful don’t drag people down.

I know for a fact that the mean mummy’s are just jealous! They drag others down to make themselves feel better because they know there not perfect!

So if anyone has been mean to you remember your doing a great job and being a mum is hard work, reward yourself with a glass of wine and bubbles 🥂

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them’

Claire 💋

2 thoughts on “MEAN MUMMYS

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  1. Great post! She sounds like such a pain in the arse! I agree, they must be jealous. Im going to teach my little one that no matter how horrible people are, you carry on being lovely and sweet and kind and dont let others bring you down xxx


    1. Yeah she is a big pain! But there is always going to be mean people i want to show my daughter how to be nice even to the horrible people! I agree with you you should never let anyone bring you down xx


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