After a few days of being with our agent we had the email I was waiting for! Aria had been selected to cast (audition) for Walmart!

I was super excited and had no idea what to expect! Yes I had been in this world before but I was a dancer πŸ’ƒπŸ» not a model (way to short) so this was still all very new to me!

The Sunday night before I over packed to be on the safe side and planned my journey as I had to get the train in to London! With a buggy not easy but that’s whole other blog post πŸ’πŸ»

It was definitely an experience getting the train for the first time with a baby but I loved it! Any new mum will know that any first is exciting and always a time to take lots of pictures to capture the moment πŸ“±

We got to the place 2 hours early πŸ™ˆ So we went for breakfast to kill time! My fiancΓ© had decided to tag along – so uninterested when i told him about her agency but he’s started to come round now – typical

We got to the studio and checked our selves in and filled out a form all about naps and feeding – I guessed this was important to them for shoot days?? – and we sat down and waited for our turn.

its a weird feeling sitting there, you look around at all the gorgeous babies and start picking them apart – he’s got a lot of hair, she’s got chubby cheeks, he’s a bit skinny, she’s got cross eyes!

I had to stop my self I was turning in to a crazy stage mum already! All these babies where beyond cute and I honestly had no idea how they would choose!

finally our time had come to go shoot! With aria in my arms I stood holding her while the lovely photographer snapped away! Aria was doing great happily enjoyed being photographed then in comes a model – 6 foot something, hadn’t eaten in a year and an out of this world stunning face πŸ˜’ – she took aria from me so she could do her casting!

Well she might have be out of this world lookswise but she had no idea how to even hold a baby bless her πŸ˜‚ It was like when a guy is forced to hold a baby and they panick and hold them like a football! Poor girl!

After her couple of minutes of snapping and posing Aria had had enough of being held weird and wanted to come back to me and that was us all done βœ…

looking back now I’m not surprised we didn’t get it, it wasn’t a great casting and the shot they wanted was the back of a baby’s head, poor aria has a little bald patch so that’s not a great look for a huge campaign 🀣 But it was still fun and a day out which as a mum you don’t do very much of at the beginning!

So here I was back checking my emails waiting for the next one! I officially had the bug for this and luckily I wasn’t kept waiting long and it was the one I was waiting for .. NEXT ..

To be continued ..

Claire πŸ’‹

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