When I found out I was having a little girl I listed off all the things I couldn’t wait to do with her one of these being modelling. (If I had a boy I still would be pursuing this)

ive always done performing arts ever since I was tiny and I was in professional shows from the age of 8 and I can honestly say they where the best times! Even now I look back and think I couldn’t have had a better childhood! Who can say they learnt how to do there make up from a drag queen at 8!💄

So once Aria was older enough I started to look in to putting her forward for agencies! I know from going to performing arts college that there are a lot of scam ‘agencies’ you have to be very very careful!

I sent off for one I knew I had heard off before – I won’t list any names if you would like to know please private message me – and waited for a reply! Skip forward a week and she had been excepted 🙌🏻 I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling! Then my gut told me to do some research, and my old dancer side kicked back in telling me to be smart!

The first sign something was wrong was they wanted me to pay to be with them! I know for a fact you do not pay for agents, decent agents that want you will not charge but they will take commission from the jobs they get you FACT! How much they take will vary but standard is 25%

With this in my head I went and looked at reviews and went on different forums to help me make the right decision! This led me to an amazing Facebook group set up by mums of child models and on there was a great list of scams and legit agency’s!

I couldn’t be happier finding this group because the ‘agency’ she had been excepted on was on there scam list! Yes it is an agency and they do get kids work BUT they take on every child who applies and takes there money and only put forward the small selected few that they like!

So down the legit list I went and sent of for a few of the ones classes as top angecys! I was hoping she would get on the books of one of them but not getting my hopes up and if I didn’t hear anything was prepared to try all the other great agency’s out there !

One week later while im off changing bums and making bottles I miss a phone call and have a voice mail 📱 I never get voice mails unless it’s important!

It was from a lovely lady who wanted to discuss my ‘beautiful’ daughter!

I rang her back pretty much straight away as I was so excited and had a lovely chat and decided I would definitely go ahead with them and to send over all the paper work!

This was the TOP listed agency that all these mums really wanted there children to be with and my little beaut had been accepted eek 😁 – Proud mum moment and crazy dancing round my kitchen 🙆🏻

I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to get started on this little adventure together

cue checking my emails like a crazy lady waiting for our first casting which luckily didn’t take long …

To be continued ..

Claire 💋

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