So I love getting creative and for some reason always seem to make somethjng for my fiancé every Valentine’s Day. I’ve made cards, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles lots of random little bits!

This year I thought I would get Aria involved and let her help make daddy something from her too 💜

I love salt dough as it’s so easy to make at home and with only a couple of ingredients you can make some really fun personalised bits.

So we set about making a little project for daddy ..

Aria actually didn’t mind getting involved and after me burning the first one in the oven because we where having a feed 🙈 I finally managed to make a cute little head feet keepsake!

I clearly had more fun then her but still i got her completely involved from the beginning and she still had a bit fun even if she didn’t know what was going on 🎀!

Daddy did think it was a cooking tho when we presented it to him 😂🤦‍♂️

What fun things do you make with your children I would love to know?

I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares’ – crafter

Claire 💋

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