When me and the fiancé first got together at 16 we always dreamed about owning our first home together! Being young and the prices of houses now days it seemed like a long off dream but we set about saving straight away 🤞🏻

Last year just before Aria was born we moved in to our three bedroom end terrace house that we brought at the age of 24! 🙌🏻

Not many people my age can afford a flat let alone a 3 bedroom house 🏡 but we worked our bums off saving hard and I couldn’t be prouder of us!

We got the keys a month and a half before I was due and the house needed a lot of work 🙈 Thanks to my amazing dad and fiancé we had it pretty much done and moved in a week and half before I popped!

I love interior design and love buying house bits so I thought I would keep you all up to date on our project as we keep adding to our little home.

Here are a few before and after pictures and as we go along I will keep you updated!




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  1. Very impressed by how much you guys saved on in such young age! We are also planning to buy our first apartment right now, Feels so scary but exciting!


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