When I found out I was having a little girl I listed off all the things I couldn't wait to do with her one of these being modelling. (If I had a boy I still would be pursuing this) ive always done performing arts ever since I was tiny and I was in professional shows... Continue Reading →


So I love getting creative and for some reason always seem to make somethjng for my fiancé every Valentine's Day. I've made cards, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles lots of random little bits! This year I thought I would get Aria involved and let her help make daddy something from her too 💜 I... Continue Reading →


When me and the fiancé first got together at 16 we always dreamed about owning our first home together! Being young and the prices of houses now days it seemed like a long off dream but we set about saving straight away 🤞🏻 Last year just before Aria was born we moved in to our... Continue Reading →

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