Since getting pregnant I have been thinking about all the things I want Aria to get from life, all things I want her to do and all the things we can do together.

when I was just a couple of months pregnant I signed her up for baby gymnastics – the waiting list is over a year for newborns – 18 month olds and it’s something I would like to do with her. We have already booked and paid for Water Babies and she starts before she’s 3 months. We will be starting ballet when she’s 6 months and yesterday she signed to her first modelling agency!

I really want her to experience all things in life and couldn’t care less if she turns round to me and tells me she hates ballet and wants to play football! ⚽️ I would be just as happy and supportive and would be the best football mum going. I just want her to have OPTIONS.

A lot of kids I went to school with got to that time at school where you decide what you want to do with your life and half didn’t have a clue! They where never given options by there parents to play a sport or have a hobby, they just went to school and went home that was it. And half of them kids now still haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.

Yes hobbies and activities are expensive and giving children a hundred and one options isn’t alway realistic for some parents and there paypackets but giving a child one option or two won’t break the bank. It also keeps them out of trouble off the streets and meeting new friends!

My best friends I have met through activities I did out of school I also went on to turn my hobbie in to career for a little while and I want Aria to have the same chance.

I think OPTIONS and EXPERIENCES are the best things you can give to children and is a big part of being a parent. Letting them see all things life can offer you and how much fun can be had. The world we live in at the moment is pretty dark and depressing and I want her to see more than that and see all the good and fun instead.

So am I a pushy mum or do I want what’s best?

Let me know your thoughts and all the things your children do! I would love to know!

‘Everything I am, you helped me be’ – a daughter or a son 

Claire 💋

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