Before having a baby everyone frightens you with there stories of no sleep for months or years, screaming fits and just being exhausted 24/7! For a first time mum that isn’t what you want to hear, luckily I’m not a good sleeper and I’m use to running on little or no sleep, BUT I still love my sleep!!

So before Aria arrived in to the world I went sleep planning CRAZY!! I read a lot of books and researched as much as I could to try and get the knowledge to help her sleep really well.

I know a lot of people have different opinions on this word ‘Routine’ and everyone does it differently and to me that’s fine do what work for you! But my choice was to get her in to a ‘routine’ straight away.

Our Routine is an easy structured day that can be changed depending on baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ» I’m not a strict mum but I wanted some structure so I wasn’t one of these mums not dressed by the time my fiancΓ© gets home from work because I didn’t have time! If Aria is having a fussy day it does slightly change or if she’s not well it also changes but only a little, the structure is still there even though the timings may be different.

Here is a quick look at our normal day:

7:30 Β – Aria wakes up 😴

7:35 – bottle 🍼

8:00 – Play and activity

9:00 -9:30 – down for a nap (45 mins to 1hr)

10:00 – awake for bum change (aria only naps for short periods in the day she likes to be nosy)

10:15 – back down for a nap 😴

11:30 – bottle 🍼

12:00 – play and activity

12:45 – back down for a nap

2:00 – wake up bum change and back down

2:45- wakes up bum change cuddle

3:30 – bottle 🍼

4:00 – play and activity

5:30 – nap time 😴

6:15 – awake and ready to play with daddy!

Between this time she may have a half hour nap or she may play the hole time it just depends on her – and that is fine with me!

7:30 – bottle 🍼

8:00 – play some more with daddy why mummy has a shower 🚿

8:45 – short nap 😴

9:15 – bath time fun πŸ›€

9:45 – chill out and relaxation time for baby πŸ’†πŸ»

10:30 – bottle 🍼

11:00 – bed 😴

She then sleeps all the way through until morning πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

So that is a quick look at our day! The structure we use is the EASY Routine which is:

E – eat

A – activity

S – sleep

Y – YOU time ( so important to stay sane)

this wont work for everyone but for Aria and me it’s perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ»She has always been a good eater so we go 4 hours between feeds and we stick to this. I never wanted to be feeding on demand, this for many of my friends has caused more problems then it’s worth and none of them have babies that sleep well! ( some are 18 months and still having problems)

I believe in Routine and structure for a baby but I don’t believe in being too strict and I read my babies cues all day long, if she’s not happy we move and do something else, if she needs an extra sleep she has it but her feeds are always 4 hours between – I believe this is why she sleeps well as she is never topping up and eats a whole ‘meal’ each time.

Also Aria NEVER cries, she makes noise and I know what it means but she never has a reason to cry. (apart from when she had a bad belly and a cold)

what are your thoughts on Routine, agree or disagree? I support everyone’s parenting techniques and don’t believe in putting people down but we can all learn a little along this journey and I love hearing people’s advice πŸ“

‘ I feel like I’m already tired tomorrow’ – said most mums

Claire πŸ’‹

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