The baby group experience

So this week after putting it off for so long I decided to take the plunge and go to a baby group ..

.. actually that’s a lie, I planned just to get Aria weighed and on arrival was given a form to feel out was pushed in to the baby group corner and told where to sit!

A bit shy and not wanting to cause a fuss I took my seat on the floor! Cue all the other mums who already knew each other completely ignoring me! (One of the reasons I didn’t want to go)

i was always told ‘go to baby groups you will make friends’ ‘everyone feels the same and you will have people to chat to’

what a load of rubbish! Luckily I had Aria to occupie my time otherwise I would have felt like a complete lemon 🙈

Ok so I’m not the most chatty of people and get so shy in these kind of situations but come on I’m not unapproachable!

Thankfully another women, very similar to me, came in and sat down and we started chatted straightaway! That made a huge difference and probably the only reason I will go again to just chat to her!

The group itself was pretty rubbish! Not what I expected at all! I thought we would do baby activities and sing and listen to music, but all we did was sit around chat and sing 3 songs after an hour and half!

Where are all the good baby groups at? Maybe there is a gap in the market for someone to make good quality baby groups that are worth going to?

Until next time

Claire 💋


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