Glamming with baby

I always said from the moment I got pregnant ‘I refuse to be one of THOSE mums’ By that I meant I suddenly got old, stopped wearing make-up and doing my hair and started dressing like my Nan (even though she always looks amazing)

I didn’t want to lose my self just because I was someone’s mum now! I like all things glam. I’m a real girly girl and love looking nice and wouldn’t dream of leave the house without make-up, even tho it irritates my fiancé 😂

My mum always told me:

‘There are no ugly women in this world just lazy ones!’

And I think this is so true!

Since having Aria it isn’t as easy and my own personal time has gone slightly but it isn’t lost!

I still wear a full face everyday and do my hair! This includes lipstick 💄 and sometimes false eyelashes!

(We do also have the odd pj day and chill in the house)

I know some mums out there will be reading this thinking 💭 how do you get time but I just make time!

Our daily routine: 

Aria feeds anywhere between 6-8 then goes back down for a nap 

cue mum getting ready time – cup of tea full face, get dressed and then start on the house and bottle prep! 

Then the rest of the day is spent playing with my beautiful baby. 

At 6: daddy gets in from work meaning mummy gets a shower which I admit I take forever in to chill me out! 

Then the evening is spent chilling as a family.

so yes I do make time for myself but this never is taken away from the time I spend with my daughter. It’s just squeezed in between naps and daddy daughter time!

Dont let yourself be lazy! Make a routine but in that routine make sure your a priority at least once a day! even if all you manage is a a quick splash of mascara and a fresh pair of jeans it makes you feel a million times better!

‘If your hair is done properly and your wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything’ – Iris Apfel  

Claire 💋


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