As this is my first post what better way to start then with my baby story!

In December 2015 on a lovely relaxing log cabin break with lots of prosecco and hot tub time me and my fiancé found out we where expecting! We had mixed emotions, it wasn’t planned and we had just got engaged so getting married was our next plan and not a baby.

However by the end of the week away and long drive home we had replanned our lives and where excited to tell our families the big news.

Fast forward to exactly one week before our first scan, while at work I started bleeding .. another week and agonising pain later we lost our baby. (The worst day of both our lives that’s for sure)

A month passed and after a lot of crying research and discussions about our future we decided to start trying for a baby, people will say it was a bit quick and maybe it was, but we where both so ready to have a baby so that was the decision we made!

We got pregnant straightaway no problem and the next couple of months where very stressful and hard for us and our families. Every time I peed I waited to see blood, sometimes I searched for it on the paper expecting to see something, luckily that wasn’t the case!!

Our first scan came and went and I just started to relax. We had an extra scan to chill me out privately and I just started to feel happy ..

.. then came our 20 week scan ..

i could tell straight away something was wrong specially when 3 more people where called to the room to check the screen.

I had an amniotic band, something I had never heard of before, and I would now have to wait a week to see how it had effected our baby.

From talking to the doctors and my own research I found out that it’s a strand that can break of from your sack, it then wraps itself around body parts of the baby and can stop limbs growing. In our case it was near our baby’s legs. The doctor told me good case it’s only touched her toes so maybe just missing them, worse case it’s taken a whole leg!

Another horrible week of waiting and we where told she was completely fine band still there but thankfully 🙌🏻 Wasn’t touching her!! By now I feel like my emotions have been on the longest rollercoaster of my life!

Fast forward the next months of pregnancy, getting fat, throwing up most days and struggling to eat, my due date got near ..

.. and then it past and two weeks over due I was finally induced.

Go home they told me, wait it out you won’t go in to labour for atleast 24 hours!

complete lies I was in full blown labour within two hours and in the worst pain of my life from the start.

over 24 hours later, visiting every room possible in the maternity unit, lots of blood loss, stitches and tears, Aria Hope was finally born and all them months of worry where over she had all her limbs and was beyond beautiful. My life was complete and the horror was over ..

.. or so I thought

we both got an infection meaning a 5 day stay in the hospital they also underestimated how much blood I lost and i needed 2 blood transfusion to get me on the mend, also without realising my stitches decided to all split open and with the skin being too soft they refused to re stitch me so I’m now stuck waiting for this funny extra whole to heal itself 🙈

So that’s my little baby story that I’ve tried to cram in to the least amount of words so I don’t bore you all.

So here I am nearly 7 weeks past it all with the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen and even tho it was the hardest year of my life I would do it all again to have her .. (maybe I would leave out the extra hole)

In the words of Chanel

‘If your sad, add more lipstick and attack’

untill next time

Claire 💋



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